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We are a boutique growth agency that specialises in appointment setting with a focus on ROI.

We ensure our clients get the best service possible through our founders personally working with you on strategy and aligning incentives so our success comes from your success. 

Our messaging is based on behavioural principles and has been proven over the last 3 years to engage prospects, grab their interest, and motivate them to take action.

This approach tied with our best-in-class systems and deliverability results in a consistent stream of people who want to work with you.

Loyal Customers that have been Retained for Years

5,000+ Appointments Set

10x ROI Average

Trusted by Ambitious B2B Companies Around the World

What Our Clients Say

“They have consistently delivered high-quality leads in our niche…I’m very impressed with Inboxxia’s performance and look forward to continuing this easy-to-manage partnership.”
Oren Greenberg - Kurve

10X Return on Investment

“I have worked with a ton of business development people over the years and Inboxxia has outperformed them by some stretch. Not just the quality of the leads but in comprehension of the offer and ease of management.”
Nick Morton - Supplyant

19X Return on Investment

“Inboxxia is an incredibly industrious partner… and sends a ton of leads frequently. We have closed a good amount of leads and we are confident to continue this streak into the future together.”
Hawke - Ralph Cartwright

9X Return on Investment

Meet the Founders


Co- Founder

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a distinction in his MSc, Hugh started Inboxxia to help ambitious businesses achieve their growth potential. He is an expert in business development, management and strategy, ensuring our campaigns are always delivering qualified leads that get converted and our clients' receive the best experience possible.


Co- Founder

Teddy graduated with a PhD in behavioural economics before becoming a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, gaining experience delivering for some of the world's biggest companies. He now uses that experience to lead the campaign writing and angle testing for Inboxxia as well as the building systems so Inboxxia is able to deliver for clients effectively.


What you can expect from partnering with Inboxxia

Generated 10-20 meetings per month with C-Suite Executives at large businesses every single month.
Brought in multiple opportunities for 6-figure deals per month, resulting in a huge amount of new business.
Generated new business opportunities for their software with 8- & 9-figure brands each month.


10 Qualified Meetings

£ 4000
  • £400 Per Qualified Meeting

20 Qualified Meetings

£ 7000
  • £350 Per Qualified Meeting

30 Qualified Meetings

£ 9000
  • £300 Per Qualified Meeting
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are more experienced, faster moving, easier and less time consuming to manage and more cost-effective than in-house SDRs. We also only get paid when we get results and can scale-up or scale-down outreach whenever needed.
We are highly selective with the clients that we work with and only partner with those that we know we can 100% deliver for. We’re so confident we can deliver that we offer a full refund if you are not happy with the service.
During your onboarding, we create a calendar for you that is synced to your own calendar to make sure we don’t double book you. When a lead is ready to book a meeting with you, we then book them into this calendar and forward you any relevant information you’ll need for the call. All you have to do is take the call with a qualified lead.
Yes, we don’t only provide you with leads but our SDRs nurture them with personalised messaging until they book calls with you. We believe a human touch during the nurture stage is important which is why we don’t leave building relationships down to an AI chatbot.
At Inboxxia we win when you win. We work to help you grow however we can. This is why our founders work with you to consistently develop campaign strategies so we’re always bringing in new leads. We provide detailed monthly reports with analysis of campaigns and market feedback as well as any plans for the upcoming month. We also provide mid-month reports with an update of the how the campaigns are coming along. You can be assured we’re always on top of your campaigns and are on hand to answer any questions at all times.
We have an onboarding form which takes 10-30 minutes to complete where you can give us as much useful information as possible about your audience, your USP, and any case studies or lead magnets you have. The more information we have to leverage the better your campaigns will perform.
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